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inspirit v : infuse with spirit; "The company spirited him up" [syn: spirit, spirit up]

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  1. To strengthen; give impetus

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

afford hope, animate, assure, augur well, bid fair, bolster, boost, brace up, breathe life into, brighten, bring into being, bring into existence, bring to life, buck up, buoy up, call into being, call into existence, cheer, chirk up, conceive, embolden, embue, encourage, endow with life, energize, enliven, exalt, exhilarate, fire, give a lift, give birth, give hope, give life to, gladden, have good prospects, hearten, hold out hope, hold out promise, imbue, infect, inform, infuse, inject, inoculate, inspire, inspire hope, invigorate, justify hope, liven, make fair promise, nerve, pick up, promise, quicken, raise expectations, raise hope, reassure, rejoice, rejoice the heart, spirit, spirit up, steel, strengthen, support, vitalize, vivify
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